36th District Court Announces Same Day Cash Payments to Jurors

Nov 01, 2018

DETROIT— November 1, 2018.  The 36th District Court announced today that beginning November 1, 2018, jurors will be paid in cash on the same day as their jury service.  Citizens appearing for jury duty will no longer have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to receive payment for their service. 

State law dictates rates for juror mileage at $.20 per mile and compensation at $30.00 for the first day of service and $45.00 for the second day and each day thereafter.  However, the 36th District Court compensates their jurors at a higher flat rate of $10.00 per day for mileage plus the daily compensation rate.   

Chief Judge Nancy M. Blount stated, “We are very excited to offer this new convenience to our valued jurors.  We are always exploring new ways to broaden citizen participation in the jury system.   We recognized that some of our citizens who truly wanted to fulfill their civic duty simply could not, due to the lack of cash on hand to pay for parking in and around the Court.   Chief Judge Blount added, “Paying our jurors daily, in cash, will resolve that issue and eliminate the inconvenient, lengthy 6 to 8 week wait for our citizens to receive payment for their service.” 

Court Administrator Kelli Moore Owen stated, “Jury duty is an important civic duty, and we are obligated to minimize inconvenience to our citizens and encourage participation.  Jurors are not compensated for parking or travel expenses and unlike most other district courts, we do not have the option of offering free parking.  We had to be creative and put efficiencies in place that are right for our Court and the citizens we serve.”  

The process for receiving same day cash payments for jury service will be straightforward for the citizen.