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f you are charged with a misdemeanor violation, such as driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident or an ordinance violation, you may be issued a ticket or placed under arrest. In either case, you must appear in court for arraignment.  At that time, you will be informed of your legal rights, and asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. You have the right be represented by an attorney at this and at all other hearings.

 TO PAY TICKETS BY 24-hour method (Located in the Court Lobby):

Drop Box Do not deposit cash! Make check or money orders payable to the 36th District Court. Place the ticket number on your check or money order and place in the slot.

Payment by Mail Do no mail cash! Make check or money order payable to the 36th District Court. Place the citation number on check or money order and, send to:

                             36th District Court

                                    421 Madison

                                    Detroit, MI  48226

                                    ATTENTION: FINANCE UNIT

Kiosks Kiosks are located on the first and second floors for payment of civil infractions only.

On-Line (Civil Infractions Only) www.36thdistrictcourt.org. Click the Pay Tickets Here link and enter the applicable information.


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