36th District Court Responds to Fragrance Policy

May 15, 2017

The 36th District Court announced last week it’s Fragrance Policy which is intended to accommodate employees and members of the public who suffer from fragrance sensitivity. 

Chief Judge Nancy Blount stated, “This is a request and not a ban.  Clearly, a fragrance ban would be unenforceable in a public building.  We intend to minimize the difficulties experienced in the workplace by our employees and visitors who have fragrance sensitivities.”

It is not uncommon for public facilities to promote such policies.  Since 2013 the 3rd Circuit Court, the largest Circuit Court in Michigan, included a fragrance / odor free policy in its workplace rules. 

Additionally, perfume, cologne and other such liquid substances are prohibited items and cannot be brought into the Court.  Kelli Moore Owen stated “it is surprising to me that employees and the media have made this a top story when we are simply requesting individuals to be respectful of others who suffer from this medical condition to the best of our ability.”