36th District Court Announces Live Chat

May 31, 2019

The 36th District Court announced that beginning June 3, 2019 individuals will have the option to have their questions answered and receive information via live chat from the Court’s website.  

Chatting in real-time with a live, experienced Court employee versus calling on the telephone or coming into the Court is optional for the public, attorneys and all other justice system partners who have questions or need information relating to any matter in the Court.  There is no fee for using the live chat service.   Individuals simply click on the live chat option from the Court’s website to initiate the conversation.  It’s quick, easy and individuals can instantly make inquiries no matter their distance from the Court’s physical location.   

Chief Judge Nancy Blount stated, “We continue to take a proactive approach to customer service and are very proud of the many improvements we have made in that area.  Providing the live chat option is another alternative we have implemented to enhance accessibility and deliver an added convenience to the people we serve.”  She added, “Although we are constantly working to make our website user-friendly, for those who find it challenging to maneuver through the site, live chat agents will be ready and able to assist and direct them instantly.”    

Kelli Moore Owen, Court Administrator stated, “If we can apply any of the current technology being utilized in today’s business industry to benefit our Court users, increase our efficiency and reduce or offset costs in other areas, we secure it.  Live chat is one such piece of technology.   It is a practical alternative for our users versus telephone calls, emails or traveling to the Court to get their questions answered.”  She added, “We are so excited to launch the live chat option to the public and are confident it will prove to be a successful tool in improving response times and overall customer service.”