36th District Court Partners with FOODA for Pop-Up Lunch Service

Nov 04, 2019

The 36th District Court announced today they have partnered with FOODA to provide lunch services to their employees, Judges, building maintenance and security staff.   FOODA began the service on October 2, 2019 and will continue to provide fresh and affordable lunch options to the Court every Monday and Wednesday.  

The FOODA concept is simple.  They partner with local, authentic restaurants who prepare high quality, fresh meals in their own restaurant, arrive to the location, set-up, serve lunch and clean up before leaving.  It is effortless on the part of the Court. 

Chief Judge Nancy Blount stated, “We wanted to provide more dining choices to our employees. The designated lunch area is equipped with microwave ovens and vending machines for the convenience of our employees, but it is not suitable to house a full-service cafeteria.  This was an affordable and easy solution.”   

Kelli Moore Owen, Court Administrator added, “We are so pleased to offer FOODA at our Court as a fresh and hot alternative to a bag lunch or going out.   We are very limited in options within a reasonable walking distance and on the lunch hour.  This provides a great alternative to our employees and Judges, especially with the cold weather fast approaching.  We have enjoyed sampling the local restaurants and everyone has given rave reviews. The lunches are delicious, very affordable and cater to anyone’s appetite”.  

There is no construction required and no need for special build outs, gas lines, kitchen maintenance, or air vents.    FOODA Popups conveniently fit in a 12 x 7 ft area and the space can be repurposed when lunch isn't being served.