36th District Court Expands Online Ticket Resolution Program

Nov 08, 2019

The 36th District Court announced today, the Online Ticket Resolution (OTR) Program is being expanded to include eligible traffic civil infractions issued by the Detroit Police Department. 

Online Ticket Resolution is a quick and efficient way to resolve eligible traffic civil infractions online rather than making a trip downtown, paying for parking and passing through security screening to appear for a court date.   

Individuals have the option to request consideration for a plea offer to a lesser or a no point violation by answering a few simple questions.  A Magistrate or authorized agency representative will review the individual’s eligibility and driving record, applying the same criteria as an in-person court appearance, and provide a response within 72 hours.  The party will then have the opportunity to accept or reject the offer.

Chief Judge Nancy M. Blount stated, “The Detroit Police Department is the largest police agency within our jurisdiction.  Broadening the program to include DPD violations made good sense and is a significant achievement for us.  More of our Court users will now be afforded with the time-saving and convenient alternative of online resolution versus making an in-person court appearance.”

“Our team has worked diligently with DPD to get the program expanded.   Online Ticket Resolution is mutually beneficial to the public, our justice system partners, law enforcement agencies and the Court as a whole.  It improves efficiency, saves time, and reduces foot traffic,” said Kelli Moore Owen, Court Administrator. “We are very pleased to now make Online Ticket Resolution available for traffic civil infractions issued by the Detroit Police Department, in addition to those issued by the Michigan State Police.”     

This alternative option was developed by utilizing current technology and automation to further the Court’s commitment to accessibility and offer additional enhancements and conveniences to the public.  Please visit here to resolve your ticket online.