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Online Civil/Landlord-Tenant Filing

The 36th District Court General Civil/Landlord-Tenant Filing Portal is for plaintiffs or defendants to file new General Civil or Landlord-Tenant cases or motions and pay the corresponding filing fees (fees may not be submitted without the corresponding court approved form). It is assumed that all the correct documents have been uploaded and are complete and accurate.  Any incomplete or incorrect documents will not be processed and returned to the filer. The date of the submission is considered the date of filing. The Court cannot provide legal advice. 

If you are filing a new Landlord-Tenant case you MUST submit a Landlord-Tenant Summons (DC 104) (both a Court and Tenant copy must be submitted), Complaint (DC 102a, DC 102c or DC103) and Notice.  The Notice and Complaint must be of the same type.

Also, when naming your document (s) to upload please indicate the type of document in the name (e.g. Summons, Complaint or Motion).

If you are a landlord, or the agent for a landlord, who is commencing a summary proceeding to recover possession of premises from a person in possession, you will be asked to provide a copy of your City of Detroit issued Certificate of Compliance pursuant to Detroit City Code Section 8-15-82. Failure to provide the Certificate of Compliance could negatively impact your case. Please see Detroit City Code Section 8-15-82 or consult your legal professional for further guidance.

If  you are filing Landlord-Tenant cases in bulk via the on-line portal, your cases will be assigned to different  judges and different hearing dates.  If you wish that your bulk filing be assigned  to the same judge/same date you must file in person or via mail.

DO NOT SUBMIT the following:

Photographs of Summons, Complaints, or other Court forms as they cannot be properly processed

Application and Order for Eviction

Landlord-Tenant Judgment forms

Small Claims filings

Click here to file a new case.

Click here to file a motion on an existing case.