Request for Records

Request For Court Records

Note: File requests will not be honored until payment is received.

Local Administrative Order 2016-01 governs   access   to  court records.   The 36th   District  Court  may only  release  court  records  that are public  in  nature and have originated  from this Court. 

Public Request

The  36th  District   Court  will  offer  for  inspection   all  public  court  files  once  a  requestor provides  the  court  with  a specific  file  number  and  submits  the file/copy   request  form.  Copies  of  court  records  are  $1.25 per  page  or  $10.00 per  page  for  a certified  copy.  Freedom  of  Information   requests  do not apply  to district  court  records

Public Case Search

Online Public Case Search

The  36th  District  Court  also provides  five  public  access  terminals  for use by persons  wishing  to view  district  court  case  records.  The public  access  terminals are available  for  use from 8:00  a.m. to 4:30  p.m. Monday  through  Friday  and  are  located  on  the  first  and  second  floors.

Certified Copies

A  certified copy of any court document is $10 per copy. Warrants, fingerprint cards, treatment and forensic evaluations are not accessible for viewing or for certified copies.  All non-public files are only open  for viewing  by the defendant sentenced on said case and proof of identity  is required.