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Traffic Civil Infraction – Online Scheduling Service

Welcome to the 36th District Court Online Scheduling Service.  This service provides individuals with the option to schedule Prehearings or Informal Hearings from a list of available dates for traffic civil infractions.  If you wish to schedule a Formal Hearing, you must contact the Court at (313) 965-8700.

You MUST allow 5 business days after receiving your ticket before scheduling a hearing to allow the law enforcement agency time to file the ticket with the Court and to allow case processing time for entry into the Court’s system.

If your civil infraction was issued by a Detroit Police Officer for an eligible offense, you will automatically be scheduled for a Prehearing on the date you selected.  The officer who issued your ticket will not be attending the Prehearing.   A representative from the Detroit Police Department (DPD) will be present for the purpose of reaching a plea agreement. You and the DPD representative will have the opportunity to discuss plea options, which may include a reduction in points.  If you are unable to reach a plea agreement for any reason, you will still have the opportunity to deny responsibility and proceed to an Informal Hearing.   Please note that if you decide to request an Informal Hearing, it will be scheduled on a future date and not be heard on the same day as your Prehearing.

If your civil infraction was issued by the Michigan State Police, Wayne County Sheriff’s Department or by the Detroit Police Department for an offense that is ineligible for a Prehearing, you will automatically be scheduled for an Informal Hearing on the date you selected.  The officer who issued your ticket will be subpoenaed to appear for the Informal Hearing.  All Informal Hearings are scheduled before a Magistrate.   Attorneys are not allowed at Informal Hearings.

You will receive a Notice to Appear for the Prehearing or Informal Hearing date you selected by U.S. Mail within 2 weeks after scheduling your hearing.   At any time, you may review your case history to determine your court date, fines and costs, and other relevant information by using our online Case Inquiry System, click here.

You may request Online Ticket Resolution instead of appearing in court for civil infractions issued by the Detroit Police Department and Michigan State Police.  Requests must be made within 14 days of issuance date.   A magistrate or an authorized agency representative will decide whether your charge will be reduced to a lesser or no point violation.   The magistrate or representative will make the decision about your case based on the same criteria as if you made an in-person court appearance. To see if you are eligible for Online Ticket Resolution, click here .


  • The use of this system is intended for the purposes of the person who received the ticket and not for any other party.
  • Once you select a date, the date cannot be changed.
  • Requests for adjournments must be made in person, for just cause and in compliance with the Court’s adjournment protocol. Adjournments are not automatically granted.
  • Failure to appear for the hearing that you scheduled using the Online Scheduling Service will result in a Default Judgment.
  • Formal Hearings cannot be scheduled using the Online Scheduling Service. You must contact the Court at (313) 965-8700.

I have read and understand the information above.

By clicking the ACCEPT box to proceed, I agree to the terms and conditions as stated.