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Probation Department


The Mission of the 36th District Court Probation Department is to work toward the betterment of our community by professionally carrying out the orders of the Court, which are designed to protect the members of our community through punitive and rehabilitative measures imposed on those who have disregarded the laws of our community.


Probation exists for the purpose of aiding in the reduction of the incidence and impact of crime in the community. The Probation Department is responsible for providing community supervision to individuals who have been charged with misdemeanor offenses within the City of Detroit. While under the supervision of the Probation Department the misdemeanor offenders are responsible for complying with all of the conditions imposed by the Court. Probation Officers assist the offenders in complying with the conditions imposed by the Court by making referrals to the appropriate educational/job training program or treatment facility as necessary. Referrals are made to other area ancillary services as the need arises. Every effort is made by the Probation Officers to assist offenders in complying with the conditions imposed by the Court. However, if the offenders fail to comply with any of the conditions imposed by the Court, the offenders are returned to Court for a violation hearing. Violation of Probation can result in any number of sanctions including incarceration.