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Local Administrative Orders

As governed by MCR 8.112

Order Description Condition
2023-032024 Court Holidays 
2023-02Appointment of Attorney Magistrate William T. Burton Jr 
2022-03Court Hours  
2022-012023 Court Holidays  
2021-07Case Assignments
2020-08Establishment of a Mental Health Court Program  
2020-06Access, Inspection, Reproduction, and Creation of Court Records  
2020-04Security Policy for Court Facilities 
2020-02 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Joseph A. Boyer  
2020-01Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Malaika Ramsey-Heath
2019-01Establishment of a Courthouse Security Committee 
2018-04 Case Assignments  
2018-03Requests for Accommodations By Persons With Disabilities 
2018-02Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Jeffrey Kleparek  
2017-03Establishment of Street Outreach Court Detroit 
2017-01Unscheduled Court Closing - Emergency Notification Procedure 
2015-09 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Dawn White  
2015-05 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Laura A. Echartea  
2014-05 Order Adopting Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan  
2014-04 Order For The Establishment Of A Veterans Treatment Court  
2014-03 Caseflow Management Plan  
2013-09 Language Access Plan
Addendum to Language Access Plan
2013-07 Multiple-District Plan for Magistrates  
2010-03 Requests for Accommodations By Persons With Disabilities            Closed 
2010-01 Appointment of Attorney Magistrate Robert K. Costello            Closed
2009-02 Order For The Establishment Of A Drug Treatment Court         
2004-05 Court Security Mutual Aid Agreement  
2004-01 Security Policy For Court Facilities  
1999-02 Working Hours            Closed
1987-03 Access to Juror Questionnaire Model 1