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Online Collections Application

Financial Statement/Installment Payment Application

If you would like to make monthly payments on traffic tickets, complete the application below. After your application is submitted, you will be contacted by phone and/or email to schedule an appointment for an interview with a Collections representative. The interview is required to verify information submitted and to finalize the terms of the installment payment agreement.

Interviews with Collections representatives are conducted using Zoom meeting services; therefore, you do not have to appear in Court for the interview.


If you have any questions, please contact the 36th District Court Collections Department at (313) 965-3835.


This application and all information collected in relation to this application must be submitted by the above-named individual.

The above-named individual acknowledges that they owe the 36th District Court for court ordered assessments.

The above-named individual agrees that they are obligated to notify the Court if any changes occur regarding above information during the course of the Installment Payment Agreement.

The above-named individual certifies under penalty of perjury that this financial statement is a complete and accurate statement of income, assets, and expenses, and that there is no other additional income.

The above-named individual will provide their social security number, employer name, address, and telephone number, supporting documentation of income and debts upon request.


By clicking the Submit button to proceed, I agree to the stated terms.