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ADA Accommodations

Persons with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act are entitled to a "reasonable" accommodation. The intent of the 36th District Court is to assure that individuals with a disability have equal and full access to the judicial system.

Requests should be made as soon as the need is identified, preferably fourteen (14) days in advance of the court date.  Once approved, the accommodation will be made or an interpreter will be assigned with notification provided to the individual making the request.  

Physical Mobility, Hearing, Speech or Visual Impairment
To request a reasonable accommodation, you may complete and submit a Request for Accommodations form electronically.  You may also submit as follows:

Fax:                      313-965-4365
In Person:           Procurement, 3rd Floor, Suite 319

LaDonn Banks,  ADA Coordinator
Telephone: 313-965-5232

Grievance Process – Request for Reasonable Accommodation Denied
Grievances are processed in accordance with the 36th District Court ADA Grievance Procedure.  If your request for a reasonable accommodation was denied, please complete and submit a Review of Request for Reasonable Accommodations and Response form electronically, by fax or in person.  A review of your request will be conducted by the ADA Coordinator or designee, and you will be contacted regarding the resolution.

Interpreting Services
To Request an interpreter, you may complete and submit a Request and Order for Interpreter form electronically.  You may also submit as follows:

Fax:                   Language Access Coordinator (LAC) 313-967-7559
In Person:           Trial Services, 4th Floor, Suite 418A, or directly to the Courtroom Clerk

Joyce Thomas, Language Access Coordinator
Telephone: 313-965-6654

Please visit Interpreting Services  for the Grievance and Complaint Process relating to Interpreters. 

The Court will not acknowledge or process requests made for purposes other than a reasonable accommodation for a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act.